Experts talks: what are the paradigms related to sustainable development for a model that guarantees resilience and happiness?

On November 10th, kobi had the pleasure of participating in the “Meet the Experts” (MTE) event in Hanoi. It was a great opportunity to get in touch with many experts and entrepreneurs from different fields.

Jonathan T., the founder of kobi was able to participate in the event and as the event concluded, he shares the lessons learned and what he draws from it:

“I would like to emphasize that the bottom line of this MTE event is that the market is still unpredictable: we are not yet at an economically, socially, environmentally sustainable stage… we may even be far from it.Thus, hoping to emerge from the crisis in the long term, with the current model, is obviously unrealistic. The model must be reviewed and remodeled drastically for these hotel, tourism and residential sectors.

Expertise, craftsmanship and promotion of local know-how could be factors of change. It is important for all industry consultants to steer their efforts in a sustainable direction, supported by sustainable and responsible investments.

As lighting experts with a dream for light, guided by a forward-looking vision and ethical values, we do not aim for exponential or modified short-term growth, but rather seek to build trust, to deliver buildings that last and to consolidate long-term relationships.”

At kobi, it is this work of “craftsman of light”, far from delusions of grandeur, that we exercise. Our know-how in lighting, we want to apply it with sobriety, in search of excellence… thus creating the conditions for resilience.


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