Giant sun mirrors in Rjukan town, Norway

The Rjukan inhabitants, southern Norway, had found an ingenious way to get sunlight for their town.

Located deep down in Vestfjord valley, surrounded by high mountains, the people living in Rjukan town were in shadow for half of the year.

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It’s not like there is no sun in the daytime. The sun still rises and sets every day, provides some daylight. However, it never climbs high enough for the people of Rjukan to actually see it, or feel its warming rays directly on their skin.

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Photo by Krister Soerboe / AFP /Getty Images

Understood the issue and strived to find solutions, Sam Eyde, the founder of the town Rjukan decided to build 3 giant mirrors to deflect the sun.

These mirrors were installed on the mountain opposite, 450 meters above the town, solar-powered, and computer-controlled.

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Photo by Reuters / Tone Meek / NTB SCANPIX

They are steadily tracking the movement of the sun across the sky, reflecting its rays down to the town with bright sunlight.

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As result, the town, or at least part of it, now can enjoy the sunlight.

Video credit: Tech Insider