How lighting leads in making purchasing decisions

Lighting design is strategically linked to your project’s success, organization’s image, and profit.

Lighting brings special effects depending on the case it’s applied and the function it’s used. Along with other factors such as the sound, temperature, scents and the general ambience, they all influence you in making purchasing decisions.

How Lighting Affects Purchase Behavior

Purchasing decisions depend mostly on the people’s mood and emotions while they’re shopping. However, differentiated lighting is the essential element to help customers orienting themselves inside the showroom. Various levels of brightness indicate them the way between different product selections.

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Light subconsciously supports the perception of customers, without making them feel being driven to make any particular decision.

In a psychological test the research division of Philips has carried out with 100 subjects, it was observed that “the customers, who were in a colorful scenario full of light effects, stayed in the store much longer than those in a neutral lighting scenario,” said psychologist Jettie Hoonhout. How long customers stay in the store is extremely important, because all relevant studies also show: Customers who spend a lot of time in a store tend to buy more. And a feeling of well-being, triggered by intelligent lighting, can extend the period of their stay accordingly.

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Moreover, in other studies also show that in the dim lighting areas, consumers intend to shop at a slower pace and decide to buy in an indulgent and impulsive way. This is totally opposite with when they’re in a brightly lit shop, the consumers are prone to make more practical decisions and be more productive.

It explains why sometimes, when you went out and bought items that you weren’t intending to and didn’t need. It’s funny how something you wouldn’t even think about could influence your decisions so greatly.

Lighting creates atmospheres

According to Daniel Stöter, editor at Euroshop,

“Good lighting is more than just an assistance for the customer: A harmonious lighting atmosphere promotes a sense of well-being and makes working with and for the customer easier for employees. Additionally, it is part of the corporate identity and thus tributes to company success.”

Glaring cold light reminds many people of the sterile atmosphere of a hospital, while an attractive source of light at the entrance drives the customer’s attention to the store in the first place. Lighting should be bright and uniform and should show the authentic colors of the products, in order to avoid discomforting the customer and negatively influence his purchase decision.

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Lighting design is an indispensable assistant


Lighting plays a vital role in the way people experience in spaces. Whether the places and structures are lit naturally or artificially, lighting is the medium that allows us to see and appreciate the beauty of the environment around us.

Therefore, the lighting consultant must be involved at the early project stage with other design consultants, such as architecture, interior design, landscaper, etc. as lighting design is strategically linked to your project’s success, organization’s image, and profit.

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