kobi highlights the DOJO Talks – testimony on the relationship between work and sport

On November 23, 2022, Jonathan Trouillon, founder and creative director of kobi lighting studio, was invited to be one of the three speakers to testify during the Dojo Talks event at the Dojo House of the Sao Saigon Judo Club.



Having practiced judo at a high level, Jonathan spoke about his experience, while explaining how his sporting career had a strong imprint on him and led him today to become an entrepreneur in the field of light fighting for more sustainable practices. If the “combat” (fight) is less literal in the professional world than on the tatami when practicing a martial art, the stakes are no less high.

Discipline, ethics and values ​​that accompany the practice of judo are also found on a daily basis at kobi lighting studio. Rich of his experiences and sports competitions, Jonathan recognizes that many qualities necessary to succeed in business have been reinforced by his years of training. For example: resilience, leadership, being a strategist, tenacity, stress management and determination are undeniably common traits shared by the two worlds that allow success. Also, in business as in a so-called “individual” sport, you learn very early on that teamwork and good communication are essential if you want to be able to achieve your goals.

To mark this special event, the dojo appeared with exterior lighting installed by kobi. (See photos above).

To see how we previously highlighted the interior of the dojo: https://kobistudio.com/portfolio/judo-martial-arts-master-space/

Congratulations also to the other two speakers:
@Adrien Baltardive
@Michael Sisovic

Thanks @Ben and @Soraya for the invitation to the Dojo Talks!