Belgium Brewery Pub | Bar & Restaurant | Saigon

Belgo Belgian Craft Beer Brewery 2 | Bar & Restaurant | Saigon

• restaurant • contemporary pub •  european sustainable design

kobi lighting studio collaborated with T3 Architects and the co-founders of Belgo in order to provide lighting design consultancy for Belgo Craft Beer 2. – Saigon’s second Belgian craft brewery, serving Belgian-style beer and food.

Located in district 3, Belgo Craft Beer brings a modern European industrial atmosphere from the early 20th century, creating a unique environment to appreciate Beers and Belgium fusion food.

The lighting design plays a primary role in shaping Belgo image & for its recognition. To do so,  it raises several questions that have been considered by kobi lighting consultants:

How to design the light in order to bring the BELGO’s DNA (welcoming old factory made of second-hand bricks and art works) into a new space & district of Ho Chi Minh City?

How to create at nighttime a cozy indoor courtyard, private but still opened to the Street ?

How the light could remind about the pub ambiance that we have and know in Belgium – even if Belgo 2 space is large, high (and not in Belgium)? 

The aim being that people gets the impression that the whole building is “human scaled”. How to highlight and create interesting contrasts between the original steel building and the rough brick wall?

How to design façade lights to promote Belgo 2 without creating lighting pollution (#darksky),  for a sustainable integration to surroundings & acceptance by neighborhoods (#wellness).

The lighting was designed ensuring consistency with the identity and the unique language of the 1st Belgo, located in District 1. The lighting distribution and specifications were adapted considering the volumes and perspectives.

From the simple existing concrete structure, the project has been turned successfully by T3 architects into an industrial contemporary style where the lighting subtly highlights custom-made fixtures and WDTS Art-works.

Client:  International Investors
Interior & Architecture design: T3 Architects
Collaboration: Atelier MO DAT (Architects)
Lighting product designer: Thomas Vincent
Art Collaboration: Wedothatstuff with Suby One
Photographer: Brice Godard
Lighting consultant: kobi lighting studio