Courtyard by Marriott | Hon Tam Resort | Nha Trang

Courtyard by Marriott | Hon Tam Resort | Nha Trang

• luxury • balance • nature

Marriott Courtyard Hon Tam is surrounded by pristine green mountains & clear waters and is one of the most attractive resorts in Nha Trang, Khanh Hoa Province.

Built on 8 floors, featuring 312 rooms, 33 high-end suites and all the facilities of a 5-stars island resort, Marriott Courtyard Hon Tam is designed in an organic shape & blends harmoniously with the majestic mountains behind it.

In this project, the lighting brief included new lighting for its landscape, façade and interior zones with the primary concentration at connecting people with the natural environment.

The design turns the visitors’ vacation trip into a great escape from the noisy & bustle urban areas; and allows these people to immerse themselves more into the beauty of Mother’s nature.

Following our own defined lighting guidelines and also the ones from the operator – Marriott International, we use the NATURAL light sources and APPROPRIATE lighting methods for both landscape & façade lighting design.

The purposes are to avoid unwanted poor lighting effects to the island’s nighttime environment; to not create various forms of light pollution but still be able to highlight the project’s identity; and last but not least, to maintain the beauty of the island.

A constant transformation creates a lighting layout from the outside to the inside, where the light for interior areas delivers an INVITING and SERENE atmosphere, that makes the visitors feel FULLY COMFORTABLE.

For these internal areas, we control proactively the lighting brightness & color temperature:

Modern stylish decorative lamps are installed for a productive and optimistic atmosphere in working environment of the resort.

WARM and DIFFUSE lighting effects are applied to provide a sense of WELCOMING, creating a feeling of INTIMACY and CONNECTION with people and their surroundings.


Operator: Marriott International

Architecture, Interior & Landscape designer: Group GSA

Scope of lighting design: lighting concept | lighting design development | lighting detail design | lighting authorship supervision