Excelsior | Heritage Hotel | Yangon

Lighting design for Excelsior hotel | Yangon, Myanmar

• hotel • heritage • renovation

General concept:

From an old 1930-50 building, former headquarter for the Steel Brothers and Company Limited, the company was involved in the milling and shipping of rice, teak and hard wood extraction, oil, cotton, and cement. Historically much of Steel Brothers and Company Limited’s trade was with Burma and India, but the Japanese invasion during World War II and the Burmese government’s nationalization policies of the late 1940s and 1950s led to expansion into other markets,

to the five stars Excelsior Hotel with designs that tells the story of Yangon.

“Excelsior interior design combines the modern British architecture with the local aesthetic. The concept relies on the strong cultural and architectural values of Burma, the unique heritage between respected traditions, authenticity of the place and current democratic influence… as well as the building’s past, which is anchored in a neighborhood rich in history. The structure situated in the center of the city finds itself surrounded by monuments of symbols strong in culture, history and diversity colonial buildings, pagodas, city hall, High Court.

The concept brings back the merit of memories from the colonial time through constructions in the British style, which align exceptional materials and furnishings evoking wealth, rigor, and style in the English way.”

Lighting concept: we would like to suggest a lighting solution coherent with the architecture, as well as the interior decoration, with the goal of revealing the large volume of each room, while bringing about harmony and synergy. Interpreting the spaces through lighting is our way of communicating the story of a place. The interior lighting permits us to create links and interactions between the objects, the textures, and materials but also and above all between the place and its occupants. Our concept, therefore, accentuates the remarkable elements – markers of the strong culture of the city.


Client: AppelTree-Asia

Photographers: Mr Laurent WEYL | Alex Stephen TEUSCHER| Awake Production (for the façade photography)

Project Management & Architecture: Archetype Group, Mr Denis MARTIN

Interior Design: Hirsch Bedner Associates

Artwork: MG art design

Lighting designers: Mr Jonathan Trouillon (bedrooms, facades, public areas) and WCG International Limited (awarded for public areas)

Scope of lighting design: lighting concept | design development | lighting pre-sourcing |  authorship supervision