Institut Pasteur | Health Service & Research | Cambodia

Institut Pasteur | Health Service & Research | Cambodia 

• research center • wellness • healthcare clinic

Institut Pasteur du Cambodge (IPC) is a research and public utility under the patronage of the Cambodia State.

Created in 1953, it was produced first for veterinary vaccines, but soon increased its capacity for human vaccines against rabies and smallpox.

The institute is part of the Institut Pasteur International network. Its services are including: Medical laboratory, International vaccination, Laboratory of environment and food safety, Rabies prevention, and Free confidential HIV counseling & testing.

In 2017, cooperation between interior & architecture designer and lighting designer, had created a new appearance to the building.


The lighting was designed considering the functionality of the building, and the healthcare conditions of people. As can be seen in the institute, medical staffs and patients are the most affected by the spaces and lighting (both emotionally and physically).

Be aware of that, we wanted to create a hygienic and welcoming ambience for the institute by the light.

The lighting design should consider reassured lights to comfort the patients. And optimal and specific lighting for medical staffs (doctors, researchers) to work efficiently.

Wellness and effectiveness are also part of the lighting design’s responsibility.

Interior designer: T3 Architects

Photographer: Bruce Devincentiis

Lighting designer: kobi lighting studio

Scope of lighting design: lighting concept | design development