Maison Marou Xuan Thuy | Chocolats & Pâtisseries | Saigon

 Maison Marou Xuan Thuy | Chocolats & Pâtisserie | Saigon

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Lighting design is strategically linked to your project’s success, organization’s image, and profit.

Maison Marou Xuan Thuy is Marou Faiseur de Chocolat’s new café & patisserie store, which considered as a bold destination for the chocolate lovers.

In this project, we had a great opportunity to collaborate closely with Marou’s owners and Rice Creative agency, on creating a lighting design that helps attract the attention of the visitors by sublimating the chocolates and amazing Rice’s Packaging.

Lighting design for Chocolate

kobi lighting studio has been given a design mission by Marou team, in cooperation with Rice Creative and HTAP Architects, to define new lighting standards.

These standards are set to reply to the questions of how lighting could reveal the beauty of Marou chocolates; unify and strengthen its images and deliver an energetic journey to guests & consumers when they go to Maison Marou stores.

A successful lighting design for Marou chocolates & pastries displays requires clear goals definition. Therefore, we had implemented strictly the international lighting retail design principles. The light is set in cool color with high CRI (Color Rendering Index) and strong contrast, in order to make the chocolate & pastries become the main items and appear in perfect shape & color.

Lighting design for Marou brand

Favored by the media and a large proportion of chocolate lovers, Marou Faiseur de Chocolat has been marking constantly its exclusive brand in the F&B market, by inspiring discovery stories and how they deliver exquisite and quality values to their chocolate bars.

Therefore, the lighting design itself is not only used to brighten up the spaces, but it’s also an indispensable highlight to make the brand identity stand out and get people’s attention for the brand.

Low brightness, insufficient color temperature, contrast lacking, glare or confusing shadow are the common issues that people get when the lighting is not well-considered and properly designed.

To avoid those issues, the kobi team had cooperated closely with Marou’s team and the architect to bring out the most appropriate solutions. White color, high contrast, flexible installation with the intention to create neat lighting effects that reveal perfectly the chocolate’s packaging colors and details.

Lighting design for Maison Marou space and people

As it can be seen that Maison Marou Xuan Thuy offers its customers a singular experience from the first time they arrive inside the store, where a “bean to bar” process is displayed right in the main corner.

Unique and smartly interesting from the way Marou comes up with the ideas and implement them in their stores, as a lighting designer, we also want to mark a nice lighting concept in their project. With the intention to create a space that enables the visitors at Maison Marou Xuan Thuy to feel connected with the surrounding space no matter what time of day or night, and enhance the distinct values of Marou Chocolate by the light.

Client: Marou Faiseur de Chocolat
Interior & Architect: HTAP Architects
Branding Agency: Rice Creative
Lighting designer: kobi lighting studio
Scope of lighting design: lighting concept | design development | detail design | authorship supervision