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Les Enfants du Dragon | Orphanage | Long An, Vietnam

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The orphanage

Les enfants du dragon” (Children of the dragon) is a French association, aiming to financially and materially support humanitarian projects, in favor of the children and the poorest in Vietnam.
One of their projects, named Phoenix Orphanage was established with the purpose to take care of orphans and to provide multi-functional amenities, following the international standards.

Lighting for the babies

The orphans living in the typical orphanage are more prone to behavioral and emotional problems than others, as they are deprived of a family’s love and care. Therefore, they often suffer from week health conditions and grow up in a bad living environment.

In order to avoid all elements that could lead to health problems (such as sleeplessness, depression, eyes irritation, etc.), a close collaboration with Mr. Marc De Muynck allows kobi team to develop voluntarily an appropriate lighting solution that not only respects their health but also supports their activities throughout the day.

Human Centric Light

Human centric light is the lighting solution kobi would like to apply. With this lighting system, we could offer the babies a HIGH-QUALITY lighting environment, an EFFICIENT lighting control system, and recreates NATURAL daylight cycle, lighting that evolves according to the time of the day.

How we implement Human Centric Light

Depending on the square meter of the baby bedroom and the amount of daylight it gets, the human centric light design had been modified with different programmed lighting scenes.

For instance, lighting is set to warmer white and bright in the morning, to enable a smooth and natural awakening of the children. The scenes changes automatically its color temperature and brightness during a day: from a bright and cold lighting in daytime to warmer light in the evening and finally dimmed light at late night. The intention is to ensure the babies’ circadian rhythm and their sleep quality, while also effectively for the nurses to work at nighttime without disturbing the babies’ sleep.

In cooperation with

Client: Mr. Marc DE MUYNCK – President of the Orphanage

Special thanks to the kind supports of

Lighting Supplier: Zegal Vietnam JSC (lighting products) | Avas Co., Ltd (lighting smart control)

and the Vietnamese workers for helping to install the new lighting system

Scope of lighting design: lighting detail design | authorship supervision | lighting sourcing | lighting installation

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