Evason Ana Mandara, Six Senses | Resort | Cam Ranh

Evason Ana Mandara, Six Senses | Resort | Cam Ranh, Vietnam

• resort • nature • wellness

General concept:

from the Landscape with the ‘ESSSENCE’ of the Cam Ranh site.

The dunes landscape of Cam Ranh – harmonize with the nature: Therefore the land as unifying elements of sculptural land forms reminiscent of dunes. The dune forms are repeated as different ways to signify the entrance to the resort area.

The native high level of the site – respect the nature landscape: take advantage of dunes’ heights , limit leveling, creating oceans view villas.

The diversity of the plants species is selected  based on the micro climate  created by the dunes and Cam Ranh – follow the natural conditions.

to the architecture, between the distinct coastal vegetation, the sand dunes – form buildings blend  perfectly into surroundings of Cam Ranh beach with finished materials in sand color: generous natural curves | indoor spaces opened and connected to outdoor – nature | eco-friendly design with unique natural ambience | materials reflected from nature.

and interior spaces, the site being located on the beach front, away from the daily life in the city, the concept is for a strong desire to travel said as ‘wanderlust’: tropical style | natural | emphasis | with color fabrics | fun | attractives | joyful. The lobby area reminding a ‘pier’ where you could start your journey, the all day dining a cruise, for a spa inspired from a water cave…

Lighting concept:

the nature of Cam Ranh inspired our light guidelines.

the time dimension & perception could be reviewed via a light considering the human balance time. make the time as a pleasure by discerning the light otherwise.


Owner: Sovico Holdings

Operator: Six Senses | Evason Ana Mandara

Architect:  HABITA architects

Interior Design: BLINK

Landscape Design: PENTAGO

Lighting designers: Mr. Jonathan Trouillon, Ms. Huynh Hoang Dung

Scope of lighting design: lighting concept | design development