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Fighting Light Pollution: The prettiest pollutant – Fireworks (New year edition)

Such a spectacular view isn’t it? Vibrant colors explode, illuminating the otherwise dark sky. Though fireworks are not very common, they are not rare either. Fireworks are normally displayed during festive or celebratory occasions to commemorate them or to celebrate. It brightens up the sky and fills the atmosphere with joy. However, this comes with a cost. The large display of fireworks is causing not only the air we breathe to be polluted, but the light is also polluted.


To learn more, please take a look at this article to see The ecologically unfriendly truth about fireworks


In a nutshell, here are the main points raised in the article :

  • Fireworks pollute the air we breathe
  • They pollute the land and water
  • They leave behind a big amount of garbage and pyrotechnic components, which are not biodegradable
  • They generate noise pollution


And then, there is light pollution. Although it is short-lived, light pollution from fireworks is an environmental problem that affects animals’ wake and sleep patterns, migration patterns, and habitat formation.


Raising awareness is a powerful way to emphasize the dangers of fireworks and firecrackers and the importance of protecting the environment. Most people don’t realize how destructive fireworks are to the land and lives around them. There is always a way to make life more environmentally friendly.


Kobi lighting studio wishes you a sustainable and happy New Year!


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