kobi lighting studio

is a global and innovative lighting consultant,

 designing sophisticated and sustainable environments and spaces,

with the intention to better people’s lives and organization efficiency.


Kobi values reflect who are we and what we stand for as a company

Our projects reflect our values


At kobi lighting studio, we have clear Vision, Objectives, Strategies, and Processes for ensuring a strong & sustainable development within a fast-developing region, South-East Asia.

Among these objectives, “Innovation” is an essential element to design sophisticated spaces; and above all, to enhance people’s lives by the light.

Innovation could be implemented throughout different aspects of kobi lighting studio development, such as design approaches, technologies, legals, organizations, project management, HR, and communication.

Yet, besides this objective, our studio’s sustainable development shall be led together with the team under values such as ethics & frugality, which are essential for our wellbeing and to build better organization & society.

An Ethical Charter is created and committed by all the people working at kobi lighting studio and addressed also to our partners, customers, suppliers, and project stakeholders. The Charter sets as a basis by summarizing & clarifying our values meanings & applications. We apply these moral standards into our professional practices and daily life with respectful behavior.

As it is the responsibility of each employee, the kobi team acts in accordance with our ethical principles, in all circumstances, regardless of their job, level of responsibility, or context.

Jonathan Trouillon
Founder & General Director