About kobi

Kobi lighting studio is a french lighting consultant, with a wealth of experience in designing and engineering the light for people and spaces.

The agency was founded to design sophisticated & sustainable environments and spaces, with the intention to better people’s lives and organization efficiency.


We are a multicultural team with different characters, backgrounds & expertise focused on light applied to spaces. We are responsible, committed, and respectful to all project stakeholders.


While results are what matter most, we believe small actions could make big differences. Our approaches strive for user’s better experience, sustainability, and protecting our client’s interests.


Reputedly to be an independent lighting consultant agency, working following international project organization & standards, we uphold honesty, loyalty, and integrity in everything that we do.

kobi lighting studio participates in Dot Property Vietnam Awards 2020


We are fascinated by lighting, driven by the challenge to create the right ambiance to fully and efficiently appreciate the space, under a minimalist and sustainable approach.