“INTO THE NIGHT” Lighting Masterclass – kobi shares lighting knowledge and expertise with urban planning students

Throwback to October 18th, 2022 – kobi was back to school as lecturers


kobi lighting studio had the great pleasure of presenting its lighting masterclass and proposing a never-before-seen workshop in Viet Nam about lighting and the applications of sustainable lighting design. It is with pride that we are transmitting a part of our knowledge and our passion for light with the students in Vietnam. 

kobi lighting studio would like to sincerely thank Ton Duc Thang University, the Dean and the professors of the Urban Planning Department, and their amazing students for attending the “INTO THE NIGHT” Lighting Masterclass! With over 25.000 students and 17 faculties, TDT University is one of the Top Universities in Viet Nam. 


A relationship started on solid foundations between kobi and Ton Duc Thang University


As a milestone in this relationship, on October 18, kobi’s founder and creative director signed a commitment of cooperation in education and employment with the University before conducting a lighting masterclass accompanied by Jade Lobleau of kobi team to a handful of curious students from the Urban Planning Department. 


“Sharing and exchanging is the cement of any healthy and lasting relationship.”


Let there be light… and let the sun shine on the city! 


Being an urban planner means knowing how to deal with the artificial and the natural, in other words: with the urban world and what nature offers us. 

In terms of urban lighting, urban lighting designers have a big role when it comes to artificial lighting at night, yes, but what about during the day? How to take into account natural light and its impact on the city as urban planners? By day, these “masterminds” who think cities must provide answers.

The first part of the workshop focused on how natural light (that of the sun) affects the city. The students were able to shine the light of a fake “sun” on their mini-city in order to draw conclusions in terms of urban planning. From these conclusions, the students had to make recommendations for the city: where do they recommend to build two new residential districts and why? 

Although it was their first time getting acquainted with the concept of light, they attempted to complete the exercise successfully. The answers sometimes surprised us, but we were pleased to see that it was understood. Now, we can only hope that students will remember the lessons of this experience in their future careers. 


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Imagining more sustainable lighting for the city of tomorrow


Furthermore, we paved the path for students to get in touch with lighting design by setting up the workshop “Turn on the night in the city”.

Regarding the second activity, the students had to use fluorescent stickers to simulate bioluminescent lighting on the scale of the city. How to light up the city taking into account ecological and energy consumption issues, the comfort and safety of city dwellers, while respecting the night and the ecosystems that depend on darkness? Here is the question that the students of the faculty of Urban planning of TDT University had to tackle.


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The winners of the workshop “Turn on the night in the city”.


When the lighting expert is passing on lighting know-how 


As lighting experts, we are always committed to make the talents of tomorrow aware of the importance of lighting in our lives. How to re-invent light so that it is better, fairer, more adequate. In short: how to deliver the real light ?

Through the “Into the Night” course, we wanted to transmit the necessary knowledge to urban planning students, and the “Turn on the night in the city” workshop allowed them to directly reflect on and apply the principles of a lighting that is more sustainable and respectful of the night, people and life.


We prepared all the necessary equipment for students, which allows them to freely design their city!


Transmitting our lighting knowledge to the young generation has always been our pleasure.


To combat light pollution at the city level, kobi raises awareness among the urban planners of tomorrow


In the end, the “Into the Night” Masterclass was also the opportunity for us as light experts, to remind the students that light goes hand in hand with darkness and the night. Our lighting designers know how to appreciate the absence of light too, and how to play with darkness and contrasts. At kobi, we consider that it is the duty of any lighting designer to take into account the night and to limit the night pollution generated by the city.

Respecting the night and the ecosystems that depend on darkness should not remain theoretical, and it is on the ground through awareness that we can also have an impact. At kobi, we believe that small changes in a small group of people will make a difference in the long run. With their energetic attitude toward the workshop, these students can be the generation contributing vastly to lighting design development in Viet Nam for the better.

Thanks to each Lighting masterclasses, we each time get a step closer to our dream for light, for a better lit and more sustainable city. 



Thank you Ton Duc Thang University for giving us this opportunity and trusting us to conduct our Lighting Masterclass for your students. We have been so well received and felt extremely honoured and welcomed.


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