Transitable Plastic

Aware of plastic issues affecting the environment, Luzinterruptus – an anonymous artistic group had decided to create a piece of light. Throughout the performance, they wanted to bring attention and raise awareness about the plastic binge.

Transitable Plastic 03

To make the piece, Luzinterruptus team and the locals had collected empty bottles for months. The bottle’s number reaches more than 20,000 units.

After the collection, the bottles were shaped and packed into hard solid panels. Seven big mobile walls were constructed from those panels under Esplanade Bridge, one of the busiest transit areas on the bay.

Transitable Plastic 04

Transitable Plastic 01

The team lighted up the piece with a cold, neutral light to enhance the glint of the plastic material and bring out the color of the labels.

Transitable Plastic 05

Transitable Plastic 06

As visitors entered the piece, landmarks disappeared so they had to get the plastic out of the way in order to avoid getting stuck inside. They were struggling to walk among those plastic and trying to get the open place where they could breathe fresh air. A bit of asphyxia could lead to a thought of plastic and its related problems.

The piece remained installed for 4 weeks. Afterward, all the used material was properly sorted and recycled.

Project: Transitable Plasti

Artist: Luzinterruptus

All photos belong to Photographer Colossal PRO