‘Garden of Light’ installation honors nurses with thousands of illuminated daffodils

Located in the capital city’s popular Paternoster Square, Garden of Light features a makeshift plot of 2,100 illuminated flowers.

Each handmade daffodil represents a Marie Curie nurse and poignantly symbolizes their dedication to “bringing light in the darkest hours.”


As visitors wander through the installation’s winding pathways, they hear recordings of nurses reading letters they’ve received from families of patients, and are eventually invited to write a heartfelt memory of a lost loved on the Garden of Light‘s memory wall.


The touching exhibit has been installed to celebrate the annual launch of the Great Daffodil Appeal, a fundraiser held by Marie Curie that invites individuals to make donations and support the cause by sporting daffodil pins.


Video source: Marie Curie Garden of Light Edinburgh 2017