kobi lighting studio participates in Dot Property Vietnam Awards 2020

kobi lighting studio to be a part of Consultant Board for Dot Property Awards Vietnam 2020

Held successfully at The Reverie Saigon Hotel on July 23, Dot Property Vietnam Awards 2020 took place with the participation of nearly 300 guests who are real estate investors, developers, the board of award advisors, media partners, sponsors, and the press.

This is one of the most prestigious and influential annual events of the real estate industry, in order to honor those who have contributed to the sustainable development of the industry. Simultaneously, in this event, they discovered and promoted new trends to bring Vietnam’s real estate industry catching up with the flow of the global’s.

In 2020, with the key theme “INNOVATION – The Future of Real Estate Industry”, the award was the convergence of the factors that are bright spots and an innovative example of the Vietnamese real estate ecosystem. Many innovative stories were shared and inspired, for creating a strong and profound innovation wave in the real estate industry.

Dot Property Vietnam Awards 2020 has found 3 three tectonic factors that the organizer assesses as the most urgent in the present time of the real estate industry. They are:

            1. Green and sustainable real-estate project development
            2. Creative and breakout in real-estate technology
            3. Satellite urban areas.

Mr. Jonathan Trouillon, Founder & General Director of kobi lighting studio, has involved his time to be a part of the Consultant board for Dot Property Awards Vietnam 2020. As a global and innovative lighting consultant, Mr. Trouillon and the kobi team had expressed clearly and persistently the agency’s vision and missions, which are compatible and align with the main concept of the real estate industry this year – INNOVATION & SUSTAINABILITY.

Kobi believes that lighting design for people’s wellbeing and a sustainable environment are not conflictive with creating luxury attractive real estate living spaces and building developers’ brand recognition among this competitive market. On the contrary, caring people health and wellness by the light bring asset and value to the projects.

Source: Vnexpress | Dot Property