kobi lighting studio presents its Ethical Charter to the market

In 2020, kobi lighting studio established successfully an Ethical Charter that is created and committed by all the members of the agency and addressed also to its clients, partners, consultants, and all cooperating suppliers.

Following the agency’s vision, values, and mission statements, the Charter is a promise and a headline in creating and maintaining a culture of integrity and to clearly and concisely outline the types of behaviors that are expected in the workplace, and the market.


There are two main points that were committed in this Charter

The trustworthy communication;

The commitments and responsibilities as a business, an employee, and a responsible corporate citizen.

To kobi lighting studio, it is essential to uphold an international and innovative company, with an open and transparent working culture. There is a “trust comes first” mindset among people to people in the company, and also between the company with its clients and partners. Here in kobi, we empower our employees to raise their own opinions, share their thoughts, and work sustainably and effectively together.

Moreover, our working values also strictly comply with the local and international regulations on anti-corruption, the policies of fighting bribery, money laundering, and the improper use of people’s privileged information. We respect all the clients, partners, consultants, suppliers, and competitors; pay attention to the confidential information, business values of information & ideas, whether they belong to kobi or another company.

Considering our commitments as an employee, we promote a healthy lifestyle and working conditions for our employees. We strive to maintain a safe and productive working environment that is free from discrimination and harassment, whether based on race, color, religion, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation national origin, genetics, disability, age, or any other factors. In contrast, the employees also required to commit and perform respectful and honest behavior to others, from their Mangers to the Clients, Partners, and other parties.

Last but not least, in this Ethical Charter, the agency also commits to growing the business focusing on sustainable thinking & development, respecting the planet and the society with an attempt to minimize environmental impacts in the communities where its business developing.

In short, it is an honor to all Board members, executives, and employees of kobi lighting studio, to act in a manner that is consistent with this Charter. To read in further the content of Kobi Ethics Charter, please kindly contact us for the password.