How A Small Solar Light Is Saving Refugees’ Lives

SolarPuff, and it’s a two-ounce solar lamp that can be collapsed into a flat sheet or expanded into a 4.5-inch cube at night, many areas of the camps and the tents themselves are pitch-black. Having solar powered lights, which require no electrical outlets or batteries, greatly enhances safety.


Invented by Alice Min Soo Chun, founder and CEO of Solight Design, the SolarPuff’s purpose is to provide lighting to many Syrian refugees. The light itself can last for up to eight hours and only needs sunlight to recharge. The lamp also comes with various settings for different light needs (high or low) as well as a blinking option that can signal distress or scare off an animal.

Thus far, Fast Company reports that the SolarPuff has helped to reduce camp crime, including child kidnappings and sex trafficking. In fact, over the last year, there has been a 20-percent decrease in sexual assault in refugee camps.

Video Credit: Solight Design