In the Mood for Light: kobi as lecturers at UAH (University of Architecture of HCMC)

We had the honor and the privilege of speaking with Architecture and Interior Design students in partnership with the UAH (University of Architecture of HCMC) on May 11, 2022, as part of the lighting Masterclass “In the mood for light”. It is a great pride for us to be able to pass on our light expertise and our taste for lighting design within the prestigious and recognized UAH.


While Vietnam does not (yet) have a training in lighting design, it was a great pleasure to be invited by the University of UAH to show what we do and our vision for the future of this expert profession.






UAH students have learned that light, by making objects, spaces and people visible, can reveal the beauty in everything.

During the 3 hours spent on the Campus, we were impressed by the creations of the students during the workshop and we considered that they fulfilled the instructions brilliantly. We have no doubt that this is due to their raw talent, their creativity and the quality of the training and education received within their establishment.






We hope to have been able to introduce our passion for light, to make the students want to explore this profession of the future that is lighting design and we made a special point in raising their awareness of the ethical and environmental issues related to design in general and to light in particular.

Between light demonstration and interactive workshop, students, teachers (including us) loved playing with light for an afternoon.

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We hope that the workshop could ignite a small spark for the lighting professions which, perhaps, will transform some students into lighting designers!