Happy frugality & creativity

“Happy frugality & creativity” – we are few designers, architects, engineers in Vietnam, and South-East Asia to sign, commit, and implement this movement made of principles while developing our projects and companies.

1 siècle avant J.C., CICERO (Cicéron) – frugalité n. f : sobriété, simplicité ; modération n. f : (sagesse,
sobriété), retenue qui porte à garder une certaine mesure ; sagesse n. f : (modération), modération,
circonspection ; sobriété n. f : tempérance,frugalité

2 siècle après J.C., APULEIUS (Apulée) : bonne récolte de fruits

This initiative and manifesto was written jointly by Dominique Gauzin Muller (architect), Alain Bornarel (engineer), and Philippe Madec (architect-urban planner).

Here is the link to the manifesto: https://lnkd.in/feRJbwr


I encourage architects, interiordesigners, landscapers, lightingdesigners, engineers, #projectmanagers, hashtagentrepreneurs and investors  to join us as It’s what we need here – in this fast-developing region of the world – to strongly propose alternatives to visions that are technocratic, high-intensity, wasteful of energy and resources of all kinds.


Manifeste pour une frugalité heureuse & créative

Jonathan Trouillon