Proper retail lighting design increases direct sales

Why is lighting important for retail stores?

Did you know that besides the main factors such as the selling products, the branding, the customer services, and architectural & interior designs of the store, there is also one element that, unfortunately, underestimated and mostly forgotten, in the sublimating of space’s beauty – The lighting.

In short, by applying a proper & high-quality lighting design, your store could:

  • Attract and invite customers into the store
  • Enhance your buyer’s shopping experience by creating a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere.
  • Increases the chances of a sale.
  • Open a good chance to communicate better your merchandising strategy and that you want to offer them the best experience. It can also communicate about the quality of your products/services and even the price range your store has to offer.

The bottom line: good lighting can influence customers to spend more time in your store, spend more money, have a higher chance of returning to your store, will most likely recommend your store to their friends and loved ones, simply because they looked and felt great.

Encourage Customers to Spend More Time in Your Store by Leading Them with Lighting:

Lighting can also boost sales because when used strategically, it can draw customers to different areas of the store that they would otherwise overlook.

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Use Lighting to Draw Customer Attention and Highlight Your Products

Strategic lighting is also great for drawing attention and accent lighting is ideal for creating contrast while highlighting specific products. You especially may want to focus light on sale items, new releases, or special items that you want to feature. Accent lighting can also provide better illumination for products, helping customers to see important details more clearly. Finally, high-contrast lighting also works well in display windows and will catch the eye of passersby and bring more customers into your store. It’s important, however, to use high CRI (color rendering index) lighting, which will accurately show the true colors of your products and make them look their best.


LED Lighting Can Also Increase Your Bottom Line by Reducing Energy and Maintenance Costs

Lighting, for instance, is one of the most important details in a retail space and can have a huge impact on the business. In fact, with the right lighting, you can drive revenue by boosting sales and reducing costs. There are four key elements to implement lighting: setting the right mood for your space, guiding customers through your store, highlighting your product selection, and cutting costs associated with lighting maintenance and energy bills.